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Story《Lonely Memory》

《Lonely Memory》
  • Genre: Crime, Drama(Feature Film)
  • Year of production: 2015
  • Director: Alice Wang
  • Starring: Penny Lin, Candy Wang, Francesca Kao, Lin-En Lai, Jun-Hao Duan, Xiang Yu Wang, Fiona Huang, Richard Rim, Sky Cheng


The violent film portrays the Taiwanese mob’s code of ethics and hidden rules then its clash with personal morality. It explores the dark and miserable prison and tells the story of four different women Xiao-Yi, Qin, Scar and Da-Li who were all miserably stuck in violent corruption.
Xiao-Yi raised by her desperate father after her mother left. When she was 18 years old, her father committed suicide by jumping off a tall building due to mental break down and gambling debts. Countless frustrations all her life made Xiao-Yi nearly crushed. Xiao-Ji grew up without parents and never had any real friends. His only refuge, his grandmother, raised him single handedly but accidentally died one day when the loan shark took illegal action to collect money on the street. He lived a lonely and desperate life until Xiao-Yi walked into his life. However, Xiao-Yi had no choice but to kill her boss after her father died and left a stack of gambling debts unpaid. Xiao-Ji is helpless to do anything, seeing the woman he loves arrested and charged with murder.
Xiao-Yi was sent to prison for murder and gradually established friendship with Qin in order to fight against the vicious power of Scar and Da-Li, the brutal "big sisters" in jail. Qin took care of Xiao-Yi because Xiao-Yi reminded Qin of her little sister. As Xiao-Yi became Qin’s protege, she learned the prisoner's trade. However, Xiao-Yi soon discovered that in this violent world things weren't always what they seemed. When Da-Li’s participation in the drug trade was discovered expectedly by Qin, the fragile balance over the prison's turf was threatened. Their sisterhood was tested, and loyalty is questioned. Could Xiao- Yi be able to put her past behind her and begin a new, quiet life with Xiao-Ji after she was brutalized by the experience of being in prison? Can Xiao-Yi’s love prevail even if it comes to the worst?





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