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Story《An Exciting Life:Reversing》

《An Exciting Life:Reversing》
  • Genre: Action, Drama (Feature Film)
  • Year of production: 2015
  • Director: Alice Wang
  • Starring: Candy Wang, Penny Lin, Awayne Liu, Li-Wu Tai, Chung-Heng Chu, Kan-Kan, No-No Chen, Junior Han


Candice (Candy Wang), a typical Chinese teenager of the Nineties, realizing how unhappy her ordinary life is, therefore accepts an assignment to inspect the latest technology Taiwanese partnership company her grandfather invests.

Candice is accidentally sent back to 1930 and to 2020 when testing a brainwave machine developed by Dr. A-Ke (Penny Lin). In the past, she was a famous warrior Fu-Jung who protected a secret list of patriots with her lover Zhao-Yi (Awayne Liu) in the Japanese colonial period. She bravely fought the traitor Blade-Lee (Li-Wu Tai) but was caught by the Major Shibata due to her best friend Chu-Jun’s (Penny Lin) betrayal. Badly wounded Fu-Jung’s courageous stand made the Japanese military leader Shibata shot her in jail; On the other hand, by using the brainwave machine, Candice travels to the virtual world in the future where the old event reoccurs.
This time, Candice succeeds in honor her loyalty but finds out the shocking truth that it is her lover Zhao-Yi, not her best friend Chu-Jun who betrayed her 90 years ago. After the trial, things get complicated because Candice feels confused whether this is her reincarnation or only a dream. Will this amazing time-traveling adventure of self-discovery ends up with Candice reinvigorated and pursuing her dream or only an excitement in her life?





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