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2016 OSCARS – DaTang sponsors Hollywood Oscar Viewing Dinner Raised 17 Million for Charity


The RNSH Academy Awards viewing dinner took place on Oscar Night February 28,th 2016 at the World Famous Hollywood Museum (The historic Max Factor building) located at 1660 Highland Avenue in Hollywood, CA. DaTang International Entertainment and Desert Rock Entertainment, who partnered on a $100-million-dollar slate of films stated, "We are very excited to be a part of this Oscar night event." sponsored Hollywood Oscar Viewing Dinner and raised 17 Million for Charity. Young and classic stars from TV and film were given the opportunity to tour this incredible museum prior to dinner.Young and classic stars from TV and film had the opportunity to tour The Hollywood Museum, which houses the largest collection of celebrity memorabilia.

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Alice Wang, the chairwoman of Datang, is a well-known and successful director/ filmmaker in Asia, will produce two American films starring by rapidly rising Datang International film star Candy Wang, the Jennifer Lopez of Asia. The films are "6 Days on A Raft," the true story of WW2 vet 94 yr. old Bill Harrison and "Seven." Directed by Tim Lowly, CEO of Desert Rock Ent.

Datang International Entertainment was founded in 2011 as a film production and distribution company with three to five titles from local and international co-productions released annually. The production line up includes: Golden Future (2015), Fish Sword(2016) and Rashomon(2016), along with the announced co-production slate with DesertRock Entertainment. The leading actress Candy Wang is also a music star in Asia. Her most recent concert in China drew 50,000 fans. Before the event, Candy said "I am looking forward to working in America and meeting fellow actors on Oscar night."


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